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“We used Chemsol AS-2500 Anti-Skid to top coat our helicopter landing dollies.  We found the product easy to apply and we are very happy with the results.  The anti-slip is resilient and gives our flight crews, maintainers and re-fuelers excellent footing in wet, snowy and icy conditions.”

 -Scott C.

Chief Engineer

Calgary Police Service Air Support Unit


“We are very satisfied with this product. We’ve never had a safety solution this easy to apply and this incredibly durable. Our environment exposes walking surfaces to a combination of weather, water & flame/heat that destroys most material in a few months. We will definitely buy this product for other projects.”


“Application process was as simple as was promised and the performance has been excellent. Our labor force has gone out of their way to thank us for the added confidence & security they feel when pushing cart loads of conduit, electrical wiring, etc. up steep, wet construction ramps.Our construction site ramps have used up miles of grip tape over the years, which invariably fails after just a few weeks or even days. When you add up the labor, down time & replacement costs of grip tape, the anti-skid coatings paid for themselves in comparison after just a few weeks. My only regret is that I didn’t buy more ! We will definitely buy more soon.”


"Our composite manhole covers are becoming an increasingly larger piece of our business. Composite materials hold several advantages over cast iron, but the surface is extremely slick - especially when wet. We wanted to create a non-slip surface for pedestrian and vehicle traffic. We looked into different methods for enhancing safety on these covers - ultimately we decided the best option would be Chemsol epoxy coatings. The coatings we re easy to apply, adhered incredibly well and have stood up to all weather, temperature & traffic conditions they have been exposed to. McGard is planning to make this coating technology a part of the long - term manufacturing process in this very important initiative.”


“Our tooling processes produce a huge amount of metal shot on our shop floors which gets underfoot and causes our guys to slip around a bunch. We put down some other coatings over the years, but nothing ever lasts - we’re pretty rough on our floors here! So far we are pleased with the Chemsol coating. The aggressive texture works for us - it gives the shot space to settle into so our guys aren’t rolling around all the time. Very easy to apply. Nice customer service/support - I can always reach somebody over the phone. Great product, great experience!”


"Obviously, guest safety is a primary concern in the resort business. Our facilities were built in the 50’s before ADA, OSHA and all of the modern safety regulations. Our pedestrian ramps have been a long-standing issue. Most of our guests walk around barefoot, so we needed something that creates safety but isn’t harmful to bare skin. We had been using these tape strips, which never really solved our slipping problem, plus they wore down quickly & were a pain to apply and re-apply every few weeks. We found your product on-line, the 7175 grade, and saw that it is used in many other wet, barefoot situations. I made a call, and got to speak to actual human being, which is the greatest thing in the world! It was easy to order, shipped quickly and my maintenance staff thought it was simple to apply – piece of cake! Couldn’t be happier.”


"Our East Liberty facility is 25 years old. The facility has all sorts of ramped metal floors connecting levels of production areas. Our biggest safety problem is we’ve a large number of injury claims due to slips & falls on these oily, wet old floors. Everything from broken collarbones to concussions. We have over 2,500 associates roaming nearly 2 million square feet of production flooring; safety is a not a luxury, i t ’s a necessity. The Chemsol 2500 represents our first opportunity to totally eliminate this slip hazard at East Liberty - once and for all! We’ve seen and used tons of other products, but nothing performs and lasts like this stuff. This project is the catalyst to use this technology plant-wide and across our US production platform.”

"One of the best products of any kind we have ever used! Does exactly what it says it does. In our work environment (heavy construction & huge volume of vehicle traffic) for an aftermarket coating to perform like this is truly impressive!”


"We chose Chemsol’s anti-skid product for use on our new exterior stairwell. In the past we had used the peel –and-stick type of non-skid tape without lasting results. It seemed that during the winter between salting and shoveling the steps the tape would peel and leave behind a disaster in the spring. We were thrilled when we discovered the durability of Chemsol’s anti-skid product. We liked that it had the ability to be a more aggressive profile to prevent slip and fall accidents as well as the durability from season to season. We are able to salt and shovel it without damaging coating."

“We were looking for a soft-to-the-touch coating that would provide grip while simultaneously reducing the heat of the hand rails for our residents. This coating was easy to apply and gave the exact effect we were looking for.”
- Jeremy McClain - Inspirada Community Manager 

“Our facility is heavy with oils and contaminants - but we've never seen anything stand up to the wear of this environment and also provide such incredible traction as Chemsol 2500. Application was quick and easy - our diamond plate platforms were back in operation in less than 30 hours.”
- Special Metals Safety Manager

“The floors around the work stations tend to get slick over time, we needed a durable easy to apply coating to eliminate the risk of our people falling. We feel we've achieved this through Chemsol coatings.”

“We honestly never believed there was a good, lasting solution to our slipping problem. Every other coating/ covering we tried either wore out to quick or just plain didn’t work. Metal shot is everywhere in this facility and the Chemsol Navy G allows the shot to “hide” and allows good traction for my guys.”